February 7, 2023

5 Things You Don’t Know About Jaguar

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Jaguar is a British automobile manufacturer that has produced elegant and sporty vehicles for a long time. It was first established as a sidecar company of the swallow in 1922.

The company underwent several changes before changing into Jaguar automobiles in 1945. It became part of the British motor corporation in the year 1966. However, Jaguar left as an independent company in 1984 before being bought by Ford in 1990.

Jaguar has consistently presented some of the most classy, extravagant, and luxurious automobiles. Jaguar cars are owned by royalty stars and successful individuals from all over the globe.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the famous car brand by sharing the top 5 things you did not know about Jaguar. So let’s take a look;

Jaguar is a British automobile manufacturer

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#1. Motorcycle Sidecar Company

Jaguar was initially a sidecar for motorcycles. The company, eventually known as Jaguar, was founded in 1922 as the company that made the swallow’s sidecar.

They made sidecars for motorcycles before coming under the control of the SS Car Company and began making complete cars, and many featured Jaguar as the model name.

After 1945 SS car shareholders resolved to alter their model name to Jaguar cars, as it was an enticing name and because SS was associated with negative things with the war after World War Two.

#2. Models are tested thoroughly

The Jaguar model is rigorously tested in modern climate chambers. Jaguar is keen to ensure that their vehicles can handle all weather conditions.

Therefore, every model is tested in its state-of-the-art climate chamber.

This means that the car is frozen at temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius and being subjected to the strongest winds of hurricanes, and is exposed to temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius and the intense solar load as you’d expect in the most scorching desert.

The car is also subjected to a monsoon sub-test and a 16-hour drizzle test to test the water the vehicle is watertight.

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#3. Jaguar utilized for Bond’s Bond film ‘Die another day” is on Display in a museum.

In 2002, in the James Bond film Die another Day, a custom Jaguar XKR was featured prominently as the vehicle of Bond’s main character’s henchman.

It was outfitted with front-mounted machine guns, door panel missiles, and the rear-mounted Gatling gun and motors mounted to the boot.

The car is currently displayed at the motor museum of the nation in the blue village in England.

#4. Prolonged Precautions During being transported to dealers

When Jaguars are loaded onto trains for transport to dealerships, the driver team takes extensive measures to avoid the second scratch.

Drivers aren’t allowed to wear belts or buckles on their clothes and even remove the eyelets of shoelaces made of metal out of their shoelaces. Also, they are not permitted to get their hands on the car’s exterior.

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#5. 1955 Jaguar D-Type Sold for $21 Million

One of the most costly Jaguars ever auctioned was the 1955 Jaguar D-Type that sold in 2016 at an auction in Monterey, California. This D-Type was the most renowned overall winner of the 1956 24-hour live race.

The race car was sold been sold to private owners following the race. It remains the sole Lamond winning C or type that remains intact and original.

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