February 6, 2023

Career in Fashion Designing: 5 Things You Should Know About It

Career in Fashion Designing

Career in Fashion Designing is one of the most lucrative, appealing, glamorous, and exciting career options in today’s world.

The fashion industry offers glamour, fame, success, and a high pay package to talented people.

It is not limited only to designing clothes, but there are different courses one can pursue according to their interest.

5 Things About Career in Fashion Designing

Now, let’s discuss what education, training, and skills are required to take first your step in the fashion industry:

#1. What educational qualification is required?

To take your first step in the fashion industry, you need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in the related stream.

You can pursue the courses such as B.Des (Bachelor of Designing), B.Ftech (Bachelor of Fashion Technology), Diploma in computer-aided, etc. Choose a course that provides you with full knowledge about new fashion trends to get a position in your dream company.

Various institutes in India offer a training program to youngsters to expand their talent and skills.

#2. Skills needed to be a successful fashion designer:

  • Highly Creative Mind
  • Strong Drawing Skills
  • Knowledgeable of Current Fashion Trends
  • Strong Visualization Abilities
  • Good Communication

#3. Major Role and responsibilities of Fashion Designers:

Fashion designers use their creative skills to make varieties of clothing and accessories. Along with designing, they also need to stay updated with the current trends to forecast the future details.

#4. Their main task includes:

  • Research and Exploration.
  • Monitoring new fashion trends.
  • Meeting with vendors.
  • Shaping the pattern pieces which make the garment.
  • Select design, colors, pattern, style, and fabric for each garment and accessory.
  • Oversee the final production of their designs

#5. Job prospects and pay package:

The scope for fashion designers is immense in India. After obtaining a degree, an individual can work in designer wear production, fashion marketing, planning, and concept department.

Then there are fashion media, design production management, fashion accessory design, quality control, and other areas.

You can also open up your boutique and can work as a freelancer. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of fashion designers in India is around 358,011 per year.

Experience, company, location, a position strongly influences pay for this job. After completing your degree and training/internship, you can get a job in any industry you want to work with.

Few Tips to land a job successfully:

  1. Make a great portfolio and showcase your creative skills.
  2. Do freelancing for fashion houses and boutiques.
  3. Gain experience and enhance your knowledge.
  4. Update yourself with new trends and fashion styles.
  5. Grow your network connectivity via LinkedIn or other social networking platforms.
  6. Update your resume.
  7. Make a strong profile on different job portals.
  8. Start your search for new job openings and apply for the same.

It is a career option that offers endless fashion designer job opportunities to both fresher and experienced candidates. If you have a creative mind and want to do something interesting, this career option is the best fit.

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