September 23, 2023

Best 10 Linux Web Development Tools for Developer

Linux Web Development Tools

Linix is popular due to it’s function for Linux Web Development Tools. Before we talk about Linux Web Development Tools for developers, we need to know some basic information about Linux.

Right after Windows and MacOS, Linux is one of the most used platform, and is being used by millions and millions of people coming from various profession. However, this platform is getting desirable OS among the professional web development company, web designers, as well as animators.

But, what makes Linux so popular? The answer is, it is free to use as well as most of the software that is built for linux are also free. Though, Linux is a great development environment, but, yes, without right development tools, it won’t do good for you.

Another reason for its popularity is that Linux is completely free from viruses and hence, can be used without any hassles and tension of losing data. But, in order to take the advantage of the excellent Linux development environment, it is essential that you must need to have the right tools.

10 Linux Web Development Tools for Developer

Below is the collection of Top best tools for web development in linux. All these development tools are exclusive in their functionality and has been proven to be very helpful for professional web design company to work on linux platform.

#1. Bluefish

It is one of the most popular IDEs for Web Development, as it can easily handle programming as well as markup languages. Bluefish is lightweight and fast too, and can open multiple documents at one instance.

Bluefish has been considered to be a powerful editor by custom web development services companies with several options to write scrips, programming code as well as websites.

It includes remote file support, project support, customizable syntax highlighting for many languages, search and replace, anti-aliased text in windows, multiple encodings support and unlimited undo/redo.

#2. Make

Make is a Linux utility that can determine automatically about which pieces of a program need to be recompiled. It plays major role in building object files from the source files and then links that files to create the executable.

As Make can be used while installing the application from the source, so professional web development company need to have strong understanding about the usage of this tool

#3. KDevelop

KDevelop is a free as well as an open source libraries set that is being used as a foundation of IDE like program. This programming language is independent and is being used by programs like Quanta, Kile, KTechLab etc.

KDevelop can support 15 programming languages with each having language specific features. It offers version control system, debugger, documentation viewer, application wizard, Doxygen integration, code snippets, code reformatting, dockable windows and toolbars.

A good professional web design company must know this tool.

#4. Anjuta DevStudio

It is a versatile IDE for software development on Linux. It features application wizard, project management, source browsing as well as interactive debugger. Anjuta is a free open source IDE for C and C++ languages.

Project manager is one of the most powerful tools in the Anjuta application  as this tool can open nearly any automake /autoconf-based project.

#5. Quanta Plus

It is a web IDE for HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, PHP as well as other XML based languages. It has the capability of both WYSIWYG design as well as handcoding. However, Quanta Plus is focused towards more technical user who wish to have good WYSIWYG editor.

#6. Glade

Glade is a rapid application development tool that is being used to create GTK+ toolkit as well as for GNOME desktop. A number of interface building blocks is included in Glade – dialog labels, text boxes, check boxes, menus as well as numeric entries.

#7. GCC

GCC is a GNU compiler that generally works for C, C++, FORTRAN, Objective C, Ada as well as Java. Though, it is a command line tool but is very powerful.

#8. GDB

This isn’t a developer tool, but, is considered most popular among NIX custom web development services companies. It is a GNU debugger. Following activities can be achieved with GDB:

  • Start application specifying arguments, switches or inputs that may affect behavior.
  • Cause application to get halt at specific behavior.
  • Can examine what has happened when application gets stopped.
  • Can make changes to program to test on fly.

#9. KompoZer

It is easy to use WYSIWYG web authoring tool, that can be used to create a professional website without having the knowledge of HTML. Its best features include ability to open website from a URL, edit the site and finally upload the edited site.

It is ideal for non-technical computer users who desires  to create an appealing and professional appearing website without having the knowledge of HTML.

#10. Eclipse

It is a multi-language IDE which is being written on JAVA in order to allow you top extend functionality. It is known to be one of the strongest forces in software development. Eclipse can boasts 58 plug-ins in languages alone.

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