February 6, 2023

Top 6 tips to make your land productive

productive land

Owning your land and doing whatever you want with it may seem too good to be accurate, but why not maximize its benefits?

The thought process might overwhelm you if you’re new to land ownership. The tips and tricks shared below will help you make your land productive and a source of income.

1. Soil and Water Conservation

Soil and water conservation practices have been identified as a means of maintaining the sustainability of agriculture. Soil erosion caused by water is considered one of the major problems affecting soil productivity.

Erosion can be defined as the wearing away of land by running water, wind, and other natural agents.

It can be considered both a form of natural weathering and an accelerated form of weathering caused by human activities, including deforestation, overgrazing, improper irrigation practices, cutting down trees, etc.

2. Weed Management

Effective weed management starts with crop rotation. Rotating crops reduces the survival of weed seeds and allows for more diverse cropping systems.

This creates more biomass and contributes to better soil structure, which increases nutrient retention and water infiltration.

Mulching is another good way to manage weeds around new plantings, vegetable gardens, orchard rows, and landscape beds.

3. Water Resources

Water is critical for a productive garden. It’s a good idea to know where the rainwater is going. This can help you improve soil quality, avoid costly drainage problems and maintain healthy plants. You may also consider harvesting rainwater.

4. Organic Matter

Take a good look at your land and determine how you can get the most out of it.

Avoiding chemical fertilizers is a significant first step, but your crops could quickly suffer if you don’t replace them with something else. This is where organic matter comes in to boost the fertility of your land.

5. Composting

Composting is a method of recycling organic waste into rich soil. You can use compost to fertilize and add nutrients to any land you plan to cultivate.

“Brown” materials, such as dry leaves, wood chips, and paper, are balanced with “green” wet materials and have high nitrogen content.

6. Cover crops

Cover crops are the perfect way to enrich your land. Because they’re not harvested or sold like cash crops, they’re free to grow and spread roots through your soil, feeding nutrients back into the earth and providing a natural form of pest control.

For diverse farms, this means more than just having another option for crop rotation. Using cover crops alongside your cash crops can add a new layer of protection and sustainability to your operation without much work.


All of the six tips can help you to make your land more productive, which will help you to cultivate your land, take better care of it and at the same time use it more efficiently.

Doing that will help you produce more and keep your land healthy, resistant, and working for you. Stefan Soloviev gives you more tips on this topic. Check it out!

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