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Sahej Dharak

We are a team at SoloBis. We started this blog to share information. We have some informative posts about business, fitness, finance, health, fashion, lifestyle and technology. We have seen lots of blog on internet but very few which are clean and easy to read navigation. is a Platform where all bloggers, internet marketers, social media specialists, brand promoters, and persons who work for brands manage and maintain brand qualities, brand awareness improvement, and other marketing purposes.

We have Started a Branding Platform to Help and Support New Business Owners, Startup Persons, and All Those Who are Just on GROUND Level and They Need a SYSTEM to See them self at Best Performers and fastest growing company and business listing INDEX.

At SoloBis, Our main focus of blogging is to write and share some posts which are related to business, fitness, finance, health, fashion, lifestyle and technology etc.

We started SoloBis to create and develop a platform for bloggers and influencers promotional activities, so social media influencers can have one more resource for their banner, products information or web site promotion.

Yes, we know there are lots of resources for promotion like B2B portals, There are some social networks in world which are best and provide them leads and client, customers are happy with them.

Still we want to make a blog for influencer, so they can get advantage of Slobis as Article Promotional Platform or NEWS Promotional Platform or They Can Submit and Promote Their Business Press Release or product reviews.

So, If you have any feedback or comment for us, we would like to hear from you as we are always on the way of improvement.

Apart from business, fitness, finance, health, fashion, lifestyle and technology information, we also allow users to share basic information which are in general way, so other internet users can also get more information and enjoy reading and surfing of SoloBis.

In Short, those who are new and started something new business related to products or services and want to increase their marketing, promotion, and presence on the internet or digital platform, This is the place to show and promote themself.

We would like to hear something from you about this small idea, so if possible, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Me and share some words/thoughts with me.

You are free to send us your query or feedback mail. Send us your email to our Gmail Address on

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