10 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives Tools Everyone Should Use

Here are the top 10 best and most popular Adobe Reader alternative tools to use for you. If you are not able to use Adobe Reader, these free alternatives will help you.

Adobe Reader is one of the most popular free software programs for PDF documents. But for advanced features, you need to pay around $299 for the Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud. That’s the reason people are searching for “Adobe Reader Alternatives” on major search engines.

However, this is really costly for the casual user who only uses Adobe Reader software to open their PDF documents.

Most of the users are already using the Adobe Reader tool. If you are one of those who is still using the Adobe Reader tool, then it is now time for you to move on.

However, the go-to PDF Reader’s free version is quite notorious for its poor user experience, such as being slow to launch, bloated, and having so many security vulnerabilities.

10 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives

But don’t worry; this is why we are bringing you the best Adobe Reader alternatives. Most of the latest systems come loaded with the tools to read PDFs, and plenty of them come with more features at a lower cost than this tool, Adobe Reader.

So here in this article, you will find the best 10 tools, which are popular, and the best Adobe Reader alternative.

#1. SlimPDF Reader

SlimPDF Reader is a free tool that supports and views any PDF file, just like Adobe Reader. This tool is, as its name suggests, small and light-weight PDF reader software that is available for desktop Windows. The weight of this tool is just about 1.43 MB.

It has a minimalist interface, and the main aim of this tool is to offer a basic PDF reader tool with the lowest footprint. It does this with aplomb. The only downside of this tool is that it doesn’t have a portable version, which makes it a little strange.

#2. MuPDF

MuPDF is a very lightweight tool that doesn’t contain any graphical interface. This tool covers a huge range of documents, like CBZ, EPUB, PDF, JPG, BMP, XPS, and so many other formats.

This is free, open source, and highly portable. It is supported on many platforms that provide a standard C compiler that includes OS like iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and UNIX. It offers a bunch of features, along with interactive PDF functionality as well.

#3. PDF-Xchange Editor

The PDF-Xchange Editor is another great pick of ours as an alternative to Adobe Reader. It is available in two versions: free and paid. In the free version, it offers fairly good features, while in the paid version, it offers premium functionalities.

With the free version, you can insert and extract pages while also enjoying one of its great features, Optical Character Recognition, which lets you scan your printed document and save the text as a PDF file.

It also supports 256-bit AES encryption. You can even purchase it, and it can cost you around $43.50, and the Plus plan can cost you $54.50 USD.

#4. Nitro Reader

This is one of the best tools out there to view PDF documents: Nitro Reader. This free PDF viewer offers everything that you would require, such as PDF creation, PDF previewing, and a cool split-screen functionality that lets you view two files at the same time.

Apart from a free version, a pro version that can cost around $127.99 is also available. However, the free version should suffice for most users.

#5. Sumatra PDF

The Sumatra PDF tool is again a free-to-use tool. This is also known as an open-source PDF reader, which offers a simple and interactive user interface. It is also lightweight on a computer’s resources. The weight of the Sumatra PDF is just over 4MB.

The best thing about it is that it works very fast as compared to the other similar tools on the market. It supports versions like ePub, XPS, Mobi, CHM, CBZ, DjVu, CBR, and many other formats. So basically, at a free version, you will get most of the premium functionality with this tool.

#6. PDFescape

For those who are PDF viewers as well as editors and form fillers, check out this tool, PDFescape. It is an excellent alternative to Adobe Reader.

It is free to use, and with this tool, you can do almost everything you could ever imagine with a PDF document, such as create a PDF, annotate a PDF edition, fill out a form, and even have password protection.

Apart from that, you can share, save, and even print the PDF document. However, since this is a cloud application, there is no need to download this tool. However, you can only upload 10 PDF documents to their servers, and they also don’t allow documents that are bigger than 10MB.

#7. Foxit Reader

For a quick and lightweight alternative to Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader is here for you. This is another free tool that offers some cool functionalities. With this tool, you are allowed for PDF markup and commenting, enhanced multi-media insertion, and advanced security as well.

This tool even allows you to run JavaScript within an open PDF document. With the multi-tab display function, you are allowed to view multiple PDF documents and allow multiple views. Apart from that, it lets you create, share, collaborate, and protect the document with a password.

#8. Wondersahre PDF Editor

Wondershare PDF Editor is another alternative to Adobe Reader. This is a potent tool that allows you to create PDFs, view PDF documents, edit them, and if you need to convert any word file into a PDF, it even lets you do that.

It even has functions like reviewing and annotating the document, protecting your document with a password, digitizing PDFs with OCR, and previewing thumbnails.

However, it isn’t available for free; it costs around $99.95. This is just for one PC, but it is still cheaper than Adobe Reader. You can also use this tool to highlight, extract the page, and even crop and rotate the files.

#9. STDU Viewer

This is basically called the Science & Technical Documentation Utility. This PDF viewer is a PDF file and image viewer that comes with a weight of around 2.5MB.

But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer that much functionality. Well, it offers quite a huge range of functionality that supports file formats like PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and much more.

It also supports some of the popular formats like XPS, DjVu, FB2, JBIG2, TXT, e-books, CBR, CBZ, TCR, and other formats as well.

#10. Chrome Browser

This is a very specific option that has taken place on this list. Chrome has been integrated with the PDF viewer functionality and the web standards-based pdf.js platform for rendering PDF files. And it is all free to use.


So these are some of the best alternatives to Adobe Reader. Simply find out the best PDF reader for you. It is up to you which tool you would like to use. So pick any of these tools as per your priorities and goals. Tells which one you found the best for you.

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