9 Ways to Be a Conscious Traveler

Traveling the world has many amazing benefits, such as meeting new people and seeing incredible sights. However, it’s important not to be selfish when exploring the world.

As other people let you into their countries and homes, you want to be as conscious as possible during your travels. Here are some ways you can be a more conscious traveler.

#1. Opt for the right destination

First and foremost, you want to think carefully about where you would like to travel. For example, some places are swarmed with tourists every year.

Over time, the eco-systems of these hotspots become fragile, and tourism can have a negative impact. Take Thailand’s Maya Bay, for example; it was forced to close down for a while due to overcrowding.

On the other hand, countries like Nepal and Sri Lanka can benefit from tourism, seeing as how they are recovering from natural disasters and political unrest.

With that in mind, it’s vital to understand better where you are going and whether your trip there will make someone’s life better.

#2. Look for an eco-conscious operator

Besides properly researching potential destinations, you should also look into the operators you choose. For instance, you can directly ask them what they are doing to help lower the carbon footprint of the trips and tours they organize.

You can also look for certain certifications on their website. Moreover, depending on planning a local or overseas trip, you can look up eco-conscious operators online and read reviews by satisfied and unsatisfied clients.

#3. Book green accommodation

If you decide to plan a trip independently, without an operator, there are a few things to look out for. One of them is certainly accommodation. For starters, you want to do some research about the available options.

While sites like, Trivago, and Expedia don’t have an eco-friendly classification, you can look into each accommodation’s practices. How do they handle waste? How are they powered?

Check for a LEED certification or a sustainability section on their website. Then, if all else fails, go with options like eco-lodges, tiny houses, wilderness huts, and camping that are naturally green.

#4. Think about how you will reach your destination

Something else that you have to think about when planning your trip is transportation. If you’re going to a faraway destination, your only option is a plane.

Therefore, as this is probably the most harmful transportation mode to the planet, you want to offset this as much as possible by doing other things we mentioned on this list. On the other hand, you can be more sustainable by taking the train.

For example, you can easily explore Europe or Australia by train as these continents have stellar railroads. Buses are also a good alternative as they can take as many as 55 cars off the road, thus significantly cutting emissions and reducing congestion.

#5. Pack light

When you pack for your trip, remember to keep it light. The more luggage you bring on a flight, the more fuel it will have to burn, which contributes to your travel carbon footprint.

Depending on where you’re going and for how long, plan a few outfits so that you ensure you always have something to wear.

Yes, bringing a few spares is okay, especially if you’re traveling to a place where you might not have access to a store. However, don’t put the things you know you will not use into the suitcase.

#6. Explore on foot or bike

Once you arrive at your destination, you want to be sustainable by steering clear of rental cars. Instead of looking for parking and paying for gas, consider exploring the location on foot.

That is certainly the best way to discover everything it has to offer as you can stop whenever you want and walk into every store you want.

Many places also offer bikes that make tourist activities easy as well. You can consider hop-on-hop-off buses, too, as they usually drive past all the hotspots.

#7. Consider volunteering

Many individuals see traveling as an opportunity to grow as a person. If you’re one of them, you can also look for a chance to volunteer abroad.

Find a non-profit organization that looks to empower changes and improve health and education in countries with little help. Whether you teach English in Bali, help rehabilitate stray dogs in Nepal, or work on community development in India, you can make a big change in the world.

#8. Spend your money at the right places

Regardless of whether you go to volunteer or not, it’s also vital that you know where you are spending your money and what on. For example, instead of going to a big fast-food chain to eat, find a restaurant run by locals. That way, you will not only enjoy some delicious food but also support a local business.

Moreover, take the same approach when buying souvenirs. However, when it comes to souvenirs, could you pay attention to what they are made of? Stick to sustainable gifts and avoid those made from animal parts.

Lastly, make sure you don’t take things that don’t belong to you. It’s not unusual to see tourists take items from sacred places, and that is just not the right way to travel.

#9. Don’t leave a trail of garbage behind

Finally, a basic tip shouldn’t go unmentioned – don’t leave trash in your wake. If there is no bin nearby, collect all your garbage and find the appropriate place to dispose of it. Just like you wouldn’t litter at home or in your city, you shouldn’t do it when on a trip either.

There are many ways to be conscious of other people and the environment when traveling. Adopt the above-listed practices to become a better traveler.

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