Violet Moon Howey: Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi’s Lawsuit

Discover more about the court case between Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi over Violet Moon Howey. Read our exclusive blog to learn more about the case.

Want to know more about the case between Steve Howey and Violet Moon Howey, played by Sarah Shahi? Our blog has the most recent news and opinion about the court case.

Violet Moon Howey is the daughter of actors Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 1, 2015. She has an older brother, William Wolf Howey, born in 2009. Violet is a twin to her brother, Knox Blue Howey.

Violet is a private person whose parents have not shared much about her life. However, it is known that she is a bright and curious child who loves to learn. She is also a talented artist and enjoys painting and drawing.

Violet’s parents are both successful actors, and she has been exposed to the entertainment industry from a young age. However, her parents have said that they want her to have a normal childhood and will not force her to pursue a career in acting.

Violet is still young, but she has already shown a lot of potential. She is a bright, talented, and creative child who has the world at her feet. I am excited to see what she accomplishes in the future.

After meeting on the stage of “Reba” during the year 2004, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi were married on the set of “Reba” in Las Vegas in 2009 and welcomed three kids, including their son William Wolf and twins Violet Moon Howey and Knox Blue (via People).

They are actors who work as actors. Howey has been in films and television shows, including “Bride Wars” and “Shameless,” while Shahi played roles in “Person of Interest” and “Chicago Fire.” They required help with their children when they were on the set. They hired Sarah Alaseri as their nanny in 2012.

twin violet moon howey

Violet Moon Howey

According to Alaseri’s account, she claims that the three years the couple employed her were not happy. Alaseri was Muslim and claimed that both would mock her faith, “mocking her for dressing modestly while fasting and wearing a scarf for prayer,” according to The Wrap.

Howey was known to “berate her for following Muslim practices in their presence,” per TMZ. “She claims the verbal abuse was too much, and she felt she could not perform her daily prayers at home. ”

Additionally, Shahi allegedly told Alaseri about her romance in a relationship with one of her fellow “A-list” actresses, who had left the actress with a “sore.”.

She even showed her images of the lover’s intimate areas. The actress was also reported to have taken Alaseri’s backside. The rest of the story goes down.

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A suit filed by the former nanny ultimately dismissed

wedding violet moon howey

Nanny Sarah Alasari was eventually fired and stated that Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi claimed that her agency had told them they considered her “a crime.”

The couple sued her in 2016 for non-paid wages, harassment, and wrongful dismissal. Howey and Shahi did not make any public comments on the suit.

A year after the Alaseri family accused them of “religious discrimination” (via The Wrap), Alaseri asked for the case dismissed. It’s unclear whether this was because both parties settled (via UniCourt).

Howey and Shahi separated in 2020 and cited irreconcilable differences (via the People). Although Shahi’s career has been on the upswing lately, she is a star in the Netflix series “Sex/Life,” in addition to being scheduled to be a part of the upcoming DC Comics film “Black Adam.” The lawsuit has been attracting attention as some of her fans are angry about her participation in the film 2022, which will have her starring with Dwayne Johnson as well as Pierce Brosnan (via IMDb).

“Since there is a reason that DC fandom has a desire to be very vocal about women who are abused, why don’t we all opt for Sarah Shahi, a raging Muslimophobe who has also sexually assaulted the victim Muslim woman because she was modest?

She’s currently portraying the role of a Muslim character and plays the leading female lady of Black Adam too,” one user wrote on social media (via The Things).

Steve Howey’s Net Worth

violet moon howey net worth

Fans are likely to recognize Steve Howey from numerous TV and film projects; however, his most prominent roles are Van Montgomery, Kevin Ball in the show “Shameless,” or his role in “Reba” for his role as a charming but foolish football player.

Following his appearance in The CW Family Show,” the actor was on the show in “Bride Wars, “Something Borrowed, “Sons of Anarchy,” “SEAL Team,” as well as “Dead To Me.”

The actor’s comedy wit earned him the respect of his fans; however, his ability to alter the drama earned him the respect of the public.

In the report by Us Weekly, the Texan was married to Sarah Shahi. However, they sadly ended their relationship in the middle of 11 years.

The divorce was finalized on January 20, 2021. Howey and Shahi have three children: one son, William, and twins, Violet and Knox.

Although this actor is the subject of several success stories, he might not have as much as people think he does in his savings account due to a few poor decisions.

Steve, as well as his wife, owe large sums of money

As per celebrity net worth, Steve Howey is about $2 million. He was estimated to earn $100,000 per episode on “Shameless” until the show was canceled at the end of 11 seasons (via The Things).

Most people are unaware that Howey was in delinquency on tax payments in 2019, and, between him and his ex-wife, they have a debt of nearly $370,000 in taxes due to back tax.

Each of Howey and Sarah Shai was ordered to pay half the amount at the time of their divorce.

According to the divorce settlement, Howey could keep the $1.8 million house he owned in Sherman Oaks, CA (via Us Weekly).

He can keep the Harley Davidson and “100% of his remaining assets, retirement plans, pension accounts, and plans.”

But the court did order the payment to his Shai of $350,000 to “equalize the part of their community property.” Howey was also required to divide the income from the couple’s house located in LA together.

This is how Steve is moving forward

Most of the time, Steve Howey lived a quiet life, avoiding the spotlight. In 2016, however, the couple at the time was facing legal issues as their former nanny brought a case against the couple.

Naturally, the legal process can drain your savings somewhat, even if you’re an A-list Hollywood star. However, the case did not involve the typical husband who got swindled by threatening his nanny.

The former nanny of the couple, Sarah Alaseri, filed an action alleging that she was subject to discrimination based on religion and sexual harassment from Howey and Sarah Shahi (via The Wrap).

Ali further claimed that Shahi informed her of the affair she was having and her sexual encounters, and she urged that nanny to “run off” to Howey and engage in an affair.

While Ali was suing for back wages, damages, harassment, and unfair termination, the details were kept private. Howey must continue to earn income to get his finances back on track and will soon appear in the Netflix film “Day shift” (per the Cinema Blend).

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