May 25, 2024

How To Invest in Real Estate For a Brighter Future

Financing your first real estate investment can be a smart move. On your first investment, it’s best to maintain the liability to a minimum.

Real estate can be a barrier against market volatility when stocks descend, and becoming a property owner is a bold move to develop a passive income stream.

Checking the amount of money on your bank account, calculating your earnings, and how much money you can manage to spend are among the standard methods towards getting your first investment property.

How To Invest in Real Estate

real estate investment ideas

Traditional Mortgage

If you own a house or your primary residence, then perhaps you already know about conventional financing. With this process, the expected down payment would be 20% of the house’s purchase price.

However, most traditional lenders tightened their lending criteria to require a 680 credit score because of the subprime housing dilemma.

To be qualified for the mortgage, expect that there will be documentation of profits and liabilities. If you get qualified, some scenarios demand at least a 10% down payment.

It is the safest and well-known method of financing a real estate investment.

Income Property Consideration

National banks and credit unions are becoming tough when it comes to loan requests. Lately, they only focus on your adjusted gross income (AGI).

If your (AGI) didn’t meet the national financial institution’s demands, you would have to find a mortgage broker who works with smaller banks.

This mortgage process is the same as the traditional method, and the only difference is that they have a higher interest rate. You also have to buy a property that should be under your name to obtain the mortgage.


This method is an excellent way to finance a property investment instantly. This method is a short-term solution and can also be a good opportunity for investors.

“Subject to” comes from the phrase “Subject to existing financing.” It means when you buy the property, the existing financing must also stay in place.

There is a reason why “Subject-to” is a short-term fix. It is because sellers feel uncomfortable leaving their name for a more extended period. They commonly use this kind of approach when buying pre-foreclosure properties.

Private Loan

A private loan is an excellent source of capital in acquiring an investment property. It doesn’t matter if you had just started as an investor or you are already a professional investor because private loans are one of the easiest ways to get cash.

A friend, colleague, or even a family member can be your lender. In this kind of situation, to make it legal, the loaner must sign a promissory note with the amount needed and the interest to be paid. It depends on the relationship you have with the lender on how they will charge you with the interest rate.


Lastly, and the most straightforward approach is to have cash. If you are wealthy enough that you have the capital to spend on investing a real estate, then most likely, the seller will expedite the purchase.

Cash buyers also have better opportunities than those you loan. It is because they can still negotiate a lower purchase if possible.

Cash buyers have the advantage of taking the loan after the purchase. Use this method, and you initially buy the company under the limited liability company name. The mortgage lender will presumably call for the property to be filed back under your name because they can gain access to your assets.


Investing a real estate provides better income without much volatility. We know that when the market develops, so does the cost of your home.

There are a lot of successful investors like Rose and Jones who continue investing until today. Investing a real estate could provide years of safe financial investment and happiness that would last a lifetime.

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