June 16, 2024

Pros and Cons of Leasing Office Space vs. Working Remotely

With the advances in technology over the past few years, many companies are giving up their leased spaces.

A business can save big by either moving to a smaller office or having a completely remote workforce.

Is it worth it to go completely remote? Or is it better to retain at least some office space?

Office Space vs. Working Remotely

#1. Convenience

When you work in a big office, many conveniences are taken for granted. Mail is delivered to your desk, couriers come regularly, and there is always someone to greet guests and make sure important documents are delivered on time.

Depending on the industry, these considerations may be more or less important.

#2. Meeting space

A dedicated meeting space to meet clients or discuss internal issues is another advantage of office space. Who can overcome this issue by working with a company that can provide these services on a “when needed” basis. As an example, Intelligent Office is one such service provider, but there are many others.

#3. Equipment (Photocopiers/scanners)

Many offices have large communal photocopiers and scanners. These are used for large print and scanning jobs, are expensive and require specialized maintenance.

Working from home, employees would not have access to the same industrial printers and scanners. Depending on the needs of the business, it might be necessary for employees to have at least desktop printers or scanners at home.

There are workarounds to this issue, primarily, who should point out that the world is becoming more and more paperless.

Services, such as DocuSign, are available that eliminate the need for obtaining signatures on paper, even for formal and legal documents.

If it is necessary to have a larger printing job done, outsource this to a printing company. In short, it is possible to become a paperless company fairly easily.

#4. Internal and External Communication

Having a friendly receptionist available to greet and answer your clients’ questions is one big perk of an office setting.

It is much easier to get things done at work when you develop bonds with your co-workers. In some ways, sitting together in one space and talking face to face can help employees get to know one another.

However, messaging technology, voice chat, and video calls can overcome this disadvantage for the most part.

Having management that communicates well and makes sure their support team is also key to a positive remote workforce experience.

#5. Distractions and Productivity

The common thought is that there are too many distractions at home for workers to be as productive as in the office.

The people that think that may not have worked in an office before. The offices are noisy! People interrupt their co-workers constantly by walking by their desks or talking loudly on the phone.

In some ways, it is much better to work at home where the worker has more control to limit noise and distractions.

As you have read, there are some cons to having a completely remote workforce. However, there are also many benefits, and with some thought and new ways of thinking, who can overcome most of the negative aspects.

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