How To Successfully Reduce eLearning Cost!

Do you know why the eLearning industry has witnessed worldwide success? Because even though it provides the best training and learning courses, it also immediately cuts the costs of traditionally scheduled meetings with the instructor. Let’s know How To Successfully Reduce eLearning Cost.

With five times more material and a 42% of revenue increase, eLearning authoring software is just the tool for businesses ready to thrive on the market. But is there a way to additionally reduce eLearning expenses?

Well, with this tool, almost everything is possible. So pay close attention to the tips and techniques which make eLearning extremely affordable.

And the best thing is that eLearning courses don’t have to lose their value even if you are getting a bargain.

How To Reduce eLearning Cost!

elearning cost

Choose a Cloud-Based Elearning Tool

According to the SIA Group statistics, online training saves businesses at least 50% while cutting the traditional instruction time by 69%.

With 50 percent more productivity and 90% less energy, cloud-based eLearning is just the right approach to saving a lot of money in the training process.

For example, please take a look at Cisco and their increased productivity using eLearning authoring software. Ever since they switched to the modern web-based solution, they cut costs by up to 60%.

This tool offers low infrastructure costs, scalability, training and payments on-the-go, and most importantly, no employee travel, instructor, and facility expenses.

Also, companies don’t need to run installations on the business hardware system for a cloud-based software solution.

There is no IT expertise required, whereas the essential learning materials stay forever safe on the cloud. The system is managed for organizations by an LMS provider, saving you a significant amount of money.

Apply Only Necessary Modules

Another cost-saving option comes with course creation. While designing a course, make sure you don’t waste time and money on inappropriate or insufficient training materials.

The correct strategy is to access the knowledge and skill levels of the employees and find the knowledge gap that needs to be filled.

By doing so, organizations can pinpoint exactly what the workforce requires to enhance their talents. A company can find the necessary modules for the course effectiveness and limit distractions.

Likewise, who can transfer traditional courses with high success rates to an online format? You have to enhance the content with interactive and employee engagement tools to increase retention and save money along the way.

Use Reusable Themes

Have you heard of master courses? Often referred to as templates, master courses are reusable themes that a business can apply to multiple projects.

Once a course creator makes a solid learning base, they can use this base again on new ongoing projects. It is a time-saving feature because the course designers don’t have to manually go through previous projects and make changes to each project.

The beauty lies in the details, so once the master course is done, the created versions will differ from the previous ones. Also, who will automatically apply any changes and system updates to each of the linked projects?

This is a highly beneficial tool if you consider multi-language courses and the fact that with master courses, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Create Shorter Courses and Use the Company’s Staff

Staying on topic essentials and shortening the course will reduce development costs and the learner’s training time. These types of systems are more flexible, and that means that they are more productive.

On the other hand, given these courses demand audio as a part of the practical learning method, organizations often pay for professional narration. Why not save $50 and pass on this process to the in-house staff?

After all, $50 for each course quickly adds up to a substantial amount, so take advantage of your workforce and let them join the project by recording audio.

eLearning Authoring Software Tools

Using the performance support tools of an eLearning system will be easier to update courses and avoid additional costs of development.

The top-notch authoring tools have built-in features such as media and pre-built themes designed to provide imitate resources and spread the content to employees faster than having to do it all by yourself. Thanks to these helpful assistants, both the costs and the time investment are drastically reduced.

Construct a Course that who can access on Multiple Devices

It’s time for BYOD! Bring Your Device to work is already adopted by 74% of eLearning businesses. Therefore, who must optimize the learning content for use on every device, especially smartphones.

Learning on the go and via personal devices not only saves money, but it also increases employee course engagement, time spent on learning, learner’s collaboration, and knowledge retention, provided that by using a device people feel comfortable with, they tend to be more focused and dedicated.

Moreover, the course makers don’t have to create multiple courses for each device but use eLearning authoring software tools to develop multi-device compatible courses.

With the same use of tools, companies can test the course responsiveness and avoid duplicated work.


To sum up, just by adopting an eLearning software solution, a business chooses a variety of effective cost-cutting strategies. Each year, more companies discover the benefits this system provides, which is precisely why the eLearning industry is ever-growing.

The creative and easy-to-develop courses increase productivity and in-house collaboration, making the business more robust and more influential.

In the end, curtailed costs and improved corporate culture give a much-needed competitive edge, or to put it simply, eLearning authoring software expands the business operations and takes the company to another level.

Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management systems & eLearning authoring tools – currently associated with ProProfs.

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