How To Turn Home Into a Spa Oasis: 11 Design Tips

Everybody needs and deserves a spa-like treatment from time to time. It’s a great way to relax and unwind from all the tedious daily tasks and hard-working days.

However, with the ongoing pandemic situation, it is pretty challenging to book a spa day at some resorts since most of them are closed currently.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t still have a spa day in the comfort of your own home. With a few practical and simple design tips, you can quickly turn your home into a spa oasis.

How To Turn Home Into a Spa Oasis

Aren’t you sure about that? Keep on reading to learn how to create a spa oasis at home that will relax the heck out of you.

#1. Allow natural light in

We will start with natural light as it is crucial in many aspects of our lives – this one is no different. The fact is that natural light has been proven to improve our overall health, sleep patterns, and physical health.

It’s essential to have this in mind when choosing a room to be your spa space. Opt for a spacious, airy room with plenty of natural light.

Choose white or translucent window treatments. Incorporate a mirror to make a smaller room seem larger and brighter. Paint the walls in some light shades, but avoid completely white as it will bring a hospital-like feeling.

#2. Bring the nature element in

Nature has calming effects on us, so try to bring in the natural element with some plants, for example.

Adding plants indoors will improve the aesthetical appeal of the room and be a healthy addition as plants purify the air, reduce stress, and boost our mood, creativity, and productivity.

A cute little succulent here and there can add a delicate touch to your spa oasis.

#3. Pamper yourself with a massager

If you are a person who likes getting their massage every month (who doesn’t like getting massages?!), the coronavirus lockdown must have spoilt your monthly indulgence.

But fear not, there are other ways to pamper your body with a relaxing massage. Nowadays, there are some massagers designed to imitate the movements of a professional massager.

For example, one of the options is foot and calf massager on which you can consult with the professionals like Relax For Life. This type of massager is designed to relieve tension in your legs with a perfectly balanced massage.

#4. Light some calming scented candles

Aromatherapy and certain scents are known to have calming effects on our minds. We tend to associate smells with different memories. By adding some candles into your spa space, you can tap into your senses.

Distinct smells have various effects. For example, lavender is known to promote sleep, cedarwood aid the production of melatonin, which helps you sleep better, while vanilla reduces stress and anxiety. You can combine candles with scented oils as well.

#5. Install speakers for playing soothing music

For a complete spa-like experience, consider installing speakers all around your spa room. You can use them to play some soothing tunes to set a relaxing mood. You can easily find some relaxation hits online.

#6. Decorate walls with serene artwork

Serene artwork hung on the walls of your spa oasis can make you feel as if you were in some magical place. Painting showing soothing things, the beautiful sea and sandy beaches and using a soft colour palette will surely enable you to escape the mundane days. Of course, this is a personal preference, so opt for prints that are soothing for you.

#7. Upgrade your shower head

Looking at the old, rusty, weak-pressure showerhead is by no means relaxing. Purchase a new, high-end showerhead that’s going to be worthy of your spa oasis. There are so many options to choose from, offering all kinds of useful functions.

#8. Indulge in DIY spa treatments

Different DIY spa treatments are the essence of your spa oasis. Even though you can’t give yourself a full body massage, there are some things that you can do. Let’s look at how you can pamper yourself.

I. Homemade face masks

You can start with a face mask before hopping into your bath for a relaxing bubble bath. You can make your homemade face mask deep, clean and nurture your skin.

Some easy homemade masks are usually made of mashed avocado or a banana with honey or yoghurt. These ingredients are full of rich nutrients that are good for your skin.

You can try mixing some cosmetic clay with honey, dried chamomile, lavender oil and water for a very deep clean. Allow it to dry while you soak and rinse it gently with cool water after your bath.

II. Homemade exfoliating scrubs

Next, you can make your exfoliating scrub by using some basic things from your kitchen. Mix a spoonful of granular ingredients such as crystal sugar, coffee grounds, or sea salt, drizzle in some honey or olive oil until you create a paste that you can use on your whole body and face while taking a shower.

It will remove all the dead skin cells from your skin.

III. Homemade hair masks

Besides pampering your body, you can also indulge your hair. A hot oil treatment or a deep conditioner might be the way to go.

For a homemade mask, whisk and avocado, a little honey, olive oil and egg yolk. Rub it over your hair and leave it for 30 minutes to recover your hair.

#9. Purchase a high-quality soft robe

Undoubtedly one of the most incredible things at a spa is slipping into that thick, soft robe. There’s no better feeling than bundling up in one of these plush babies.

To recreate a spa experience at home, you should purchase a high-quality soft robe for a heavenly feeling on your skin.

#10. Make your bubble bath.

Unwinding in a hot bubble bath after a long hard day is a blessing. Especially if you’re sipping on a glass of wine along the way, with scented candles lit and soft music playing in the background, you can even upgrade your bubble bath with some homemade bath salts.

You can whip it up by mixing sea salts, Epsom salts, baking soda, and then top it off with some lavender oil. This mixture will soften the water and relax your tired muscles.

#11. Add some high-end products for a truly spa-like experience.

Additionally, some things can enhance our home spa oasis even more. Think about silk pillowcases and soft throws, an air-purifier, a Himalayan salt lamp and a knit bath mat.

These things are not essential, but they do add some unique spa-like vibe, so consider them as well. By including some of these, you will end up with a lavish home spa oasis everybody will be jealous of.

Follow these tips, and you will create a perfect home spa oasis both you and your family will enjoy. It will take the pressure off you and relieve you from daily stress. You shouldn‘t stop here, search online for even more design ideas, and make your home and heart calmer and happier.

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