June 16, 2024

Exploring the Benefits and Features of Indian Bank Debit Cards

Embrace financial freedom with Indian Bank debit cards! Enjoy seamless transactions, enhanced security, and exciting cashback offers. Discover the benefits of our trusted banking solutions. Apply today!

Experience the advantages of Indian Bank debit cards! Enjoy seamless transactions, enhanced security, and attractive cashback offers. Simplify your financial journey with our trusted banking services.

To meet the various demands of people, Indian Banks offer a variety of debit cards. These debit cards make it easier to withdraw money and provide extra benefits like rewards, cashback, lounge access, and more. However, you must first establish a bank account with Indian Bank in order to get a debit card from them.

Based on their usage patterns and requirements, these debit card options are created to satisfy the demands of different consumers.

Debit cards from Indian Banks are thoughtfully created to provide consumers with the most significant advantages and convenience.

Indian Bank offers debit cards that can be used to make ATM withdrawals, shop online, and pay utility bills. Indian bank debit cards are shown below, along with information on their unique attributes and advantages:

Types of Indian Bank Debit Cards Offered:

Indian Bank Debit Cards Benefits

#1. PMJDY Card

The Pradhan Mantri The Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) program was started by and aims to increase the number of people who can afford financial services such as bank accounts, insurance, remittances, credit, and pensions. This debit card is only available to people with PMJDY accounts.

#2. MUDRA Card

This account is set aside expressly for working capital loans. The MUDRA card can be used for credit facilities with a low-interest rate. This Indian Bank Debit Card includes a RuPay payment mechanism targeted toward MSME MUDRA loan borrowers.

#3. Senior Citizen Debit Card

For senior citizens, the Indian Bank has developed a unique debit card. The unique citizen debit card contains the customer’s photo, blood group, and date of birth attached to the card to add a personalized touch.

#4. RuPay Debit Select Card

You will receive joining points and milestone-based perks when you use this Indian Bank debit card, which is the best RuPay card type. The card includes built-in insurance coverage for up to Rs. 10 lacks. You will also receive a number of different discounts and one of the nicest advantages is the entrance to the airport lounge.

#5. E – purse

E-Purse is a Platinum card product that has won awards. It’s a debit card that doubles as a wallet. This card can be given to family members as a stipend or for money management. You can submit an application for E-Purse through online banking. You can transfer money from your account to E-Purse through IndPay or Internet banking.

#6. RuPay Platinum Card

RuPay is a domestic card that only allows access to your money in India. The usage cap for ATMs is Rs. 50,000, while for point-of-sale machines, it is Rs. 100,000. With the card, you can enter airport lounges, avoid paying fuel surcharges, and take advantage of a number of other promotions.

#7. MasterCard World

A worldwide accepted international debit card is the Indian Bank MasterCard World. The usage cap is Rs. 50,000 per ATM withdrawal and Rs. 1,000,000 per point-of-sale transaction and online purchase.

#8. Image Card (My Design Card)

Now, you can choose the background image for your own debit card. Another international debit card with widespread acceptance is this one.

Features and Benefits of Indian Bank Debit Cards

The following features and benefits make Indian Bank debit cards trendy for customers.

  • Indian Bank debit cards can be used in more than 30,000 ATMs.
  • Accessible for a variety of usage scenarios, such as contactless purchases and overseas transactions.
  • Cards are available to a variety of account holders, including senior citizens, those with Mudra accounts, those with PMJDY accounts, and those with digital accounts.
  • It provides senior adults with personalized debit cards imprinted with their photo, blood type, and birth date.
  • Similar to credit cards, Indian Bank Debit Cards provide advantages such as free insurance coverage, access to airport lounges, and joining or milestone incentives.
  • The Indian Bank ATM card does not have an annual maintenance fee during the first year it is held. As of the second year, Rs. 50 will be automatically deducted from the customer’s bank account as annual maintenance.
  • The Indian Bank Maestro debit cards are accepted at over 1 million ATMs and 23 million Point of Sale (PoS) terminals worldwide.
  • Indian Bank Debit Cardholders can enjoy higher ATM and POS limits ranging from Rs. 10,000 to up to Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 2 lacks, respectively.

How to Apply For Debit Cards From Indian Banks?

The procedures for applying for Indian Bank Debit Cards are as follows:

  • Visit the official bank website in order to apply for an Indian Bank Debit Card in step one.
  • Download the debit card application form in step two.
  • Print out the application and complete it with all of your pertinent information.
  • The final step is to submit it to your home branch for validation.
  • The debit card will be delivered to your registered address following the final review of all the information.

Eligibility Criteria of Indian Bank Debit Cards

  • A debit card or ATM from Indian Bank is also available to minors over the age of 12 who have an account under the IB Smart Kid program.
  • Account holders who are non-residents can use an ATM or a debit card from Indian Bank.
  • Customers with Kisan credit cards and Mudra accounts are also eligible to receive ATM or debit cards from Indian Bank.
  • Consider the case when you have a proprietorship, current, or savings account with Indian Bank, including blind and illiterate people. You are then qualified to use an ATM or debit card from Indian Bank.
  • To obtain an Indian Bank ATM or debit card, you must be at least 18 years old.


Typically, when you open a savings, current, or business account with Indian Bank, a debit card from Indian Bank is also issued. You must speak with Indian Bank directly if you want to apply for a particular debit card, though.

In order to do this, you may either consider contacting Indian Bank customer service or submitting the debit card application at the Indian Bank branch that is most convenient for you.

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