Modern Bathroom Design Ideas in 2020 for Private Luxury

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas in 2020: Modern bathrooms are smaller and smaller in size sointerior designers are struggling to incorporate the element of luxury in the modern water room. Luckily, there are several décor options you can apply to create an oasis of private luxury inside your home’s bathroom.

Timber and white

If you are after that spa-like look, then the right combo is a vanity unit made from wood coupled with a white counter top, made either from stone, granite, or a more affordable material. Just make sure that there are no other colors expect timber and white, the towels should also be white, for example.

No wall-mounted radiators

If your bathroom is cramped, then the last thing you need are wall-mounted radiators. They are bulky in size, especially older models and they take up a lot of space, not just vertical.

Often enough, the Modern Bathroom Design Ideas in 2020 cannot fully open because a radiator had been awkwardly mounted behind the door.

The best alternative to radiators is underfloor heating, which you can install yourself. Furthermore, you can use a towel warmer as a heating body in smaller bathrooms.

Playing with the towel warmer’s design

Speaking of the towel warmer, don’t go for the standard shape and size you can find in most home centers. There are so many design options for towel warmers today, especially if we take into account the online offer and customization.

Still, the best place to place a towel warmer is behind the door but it takes significantly less room than the aforementioned radiator. If you’re not feeling inspired, then go with a metallic towel warmer, as it will fitin with the décor of most modern bathrooms.

A floating vanity is a win-win interior design solution

The biggest downside to a small bathroom is not the lack of room to experiment with different design options but a chronic lack of storage space. That’s why the ideas we list here have extra storage space in mind, such as a floating vanity.

Not only is a floating vanity a modern feature associated with luxury but it opens up the bathroom, making it appear bigger.

On the other side, if you value storage space more than luxury, you can fill the area under the vanity unit with tastefully decorated baskets where you would store laundry and clean sets of towels and sheets.

You are cool enough to own a bidet

Although they aren’t particularly popular in the West, bidets have been a staple in bathrooms in Japan and in the Middle East for centuries. The reason for this is their functionality, as well as simplistic design, ideal for modern bathrooms.

Nowadays, you can order bidets online and choose various attachments that will make the visits to the bathroom comfortable. In fact, every single person will benefit from a bidet; not only pregnant women and the elderly, as people usually think.

Go for a transparent freestanding tub

The age-old dilemma of whether to install a bathtub or a walk-in shower is easy to solve if luxury is what you are after. Namely, a transparent freestanding tub is the apex of bathroom opulence. These bathtubs are definitely out of the ordinary but their price is not as high as you might think at first.

Furthermore, the glass the tub is made from is all but fragile so you won’t have to worry about a deluge in your home if you drop the shower handle on the floor of the bathtub. As an extra perk, a tub with transparent walls will make the water room look bigger, which is the same effect mirrors have.

Mirrors and wall art

Big or small, a bathroom should have that homely touch. The best way to make the bathroom feel more like part of your home is to hang wall art and mirrors across it. If your bathroom is small in size, then don’t use large mirrors or paintings. Instead, hang several small, book-size mirrors and photos to decorate the walls and fill out any empty vertical spaces.

Old is the new modern

A modern look doesn’t necessarily have to be urban in nature. A rustic bathroom is equally appealing and somewhat easier to create. The key is to use natural materials such as stone and wood. Instead of stock-made floor tiles, place wooden floorboards that will usher in that countryside vide.

The bathtub and the sink should be made from stone or a stone-like texture. The rest of the shapes should be simple: paddles, candles, and empty frames can adorn the bathroom.

A black and white water room

We’ve discussed earlier some of the possible color schemes for the bathroom but the most popular is definitely the black and white combo. A white floor with a black vanity unit or a white shower curtain with white tiles; the choice is yours.

Mind you. Not only the fixtures inside the bathroom should be either black or white but everything else as well (toothbrushes, cups, towels, the toilet brush, etc.).

Accentuate with bright details

A black and white color scheme is simple and affordable but if you decide to accentuate, be sure to use bright details. The colors shouldn’t be too tacky, as yellow or green would do just fine. Whichever hue you choose, it should be a saturated hue and used only to accentuate certain parts of the bathroom; not act as a primary color.

Updating the lighting

Regardless of the modernity of your bathroom’s design, the most important detail after dark is the lighting level. As stated above, you can use wax candles if you opt for a rustic design but LEDs are the best lighting option for most of the other décor solutions.

A single light fixture on the ceiling is the thing of the past, as you should use multicolored LED strips to adorn the vanity mirror or the edges of the ceiling. Of course, you can always go with the classics: pendant lights, globe lights, or recessed can lights, depending on the size of your bathroom.

The bathroom should be an oasis of private luxury, so updating it constantly is home ownership 1-on-1. The 11 design ideas listed above are merely a fraction of all the possible interior design solutions for your bathroom. You’ll get the best results if you mix them up a bit.

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