Nest Yale Lock Review: X Yale Smart Lock Review, Cost & Alternatives

Operators and building owners are constantly looking for ways to enhance the resident experience while increasing security.

Smart locks for apartments are one way to accomplish both of these goals. The Nest Yale Lock is one of the most well-known smart locks available.

This smart lock, which combines Yale’s hardware with Google’s software, is a strong contender for property managers and owners. Continue reading to learn more about Nest x Yale Lock review 2022.

First, we will review this lock’s features, pricing, pros and cons. Next, we will examine whether this smart lock would be a good fit for your building.

About Yale & Nest

nest x yale smart lock

The Nest Yale Lock combines Yale’s long-standing expertise in physical locks with the next-generation security provided by the Google Nest ecosystem.


Yale has produced high-quality locking technology since Linus Alloy’s first shop for handcrafted bank locks in 1840. Pin-tumbler locks are still popular today thanks to Alloy’s unique invention.

The Swedish ASSA ABLOY Group acquired Yale in August 2000. Yale’s offerings have evolved beyond traditional locks to create smarter building systems that align with modern times.

Yale’s smart locks, safes and other hardware use technology to greatly improve property security.


Google’s Nest series of smart home products is a collection that enables smart homes. These products range from audio and visual entertainment to home security.

Nest products include:

  • Alarm systems
  • Smart thermostats
  • Products for voice and speaker assistants
  • Cameras
  • Locks

Review of the Nest x Yale Lock

Nest x Yale Lock is a product of Yale’s smart locks hardware and Google Home Software. Because it is specifically designed to work with Nest solutions, this product offers more than the typical smart lock.

Nest x Yale Lock, for example, can automatically disarm Nest Secure alarm systems when you unlock your doors. Nest can also alert it to lock your door automatically when you leave.

The Nest mobile app allows users to manage their Yale lock and create visitor pass-codes. They also receive notifications when someone comes and goes.

The lock can also be connected to Google Assistant for security optimization.

Nest Yale Lock Features

Nest x Yale Lock Cost

There are no keys: Yale deadbolts don’t require keys and are completely tamperproof.

  • Automated locking: When Google Assistant detects you are out, the system will lock your door automatically.
  • It’s easy to install: All you need are a screwdriver.
  • Simple locking: Touch the keypad to lock the door.
  • Remote unlocking: With the Google Nest app, users can remotely lock and unlock doors anywhere in the world.
  • Passcodes for visitors: Visitors can create passcodes that allow them to access their accounts through family members, friends, or service providers.
  • Activity log: The app keeps track of who accessed the property and when.
  • Alarm management by automatic: The Nest Secure alarm system can be paired with alarms that automatically disable alarms when the door is not locked with a safe code.

Nest x Yale pricing

The Nest x Yale Lock is priced between $249 and $428. The Nest x Yale Lock price will vary depending on what finish you choose and the retailer from which you buy it.

Pros & cons of Nest Yale Lock

Nest Yale Lock Pros:

  • It’s secure and simple to use
  • Installation is simple and requires minimal effort.
  • Modern and sleek design
  • The app is easy to use and integrates well with physical hardware.
  • Low-battery alerts

Nest Yale Lock Cons:

  • The lock cannot be connected directly to WiFi. You will need the Nest Connect module or the Nest Guard to access your lock remotely.
  • Users have reported that voice recognition and passcodes are not working properly.
  • Customers find the locking mechanism bulky.

Do I need the Nest x Yale Lock or not?

The Nest x Yale Lock is a great choice for smart locks in buildings looking for a low price and a strong integration with Google’s smart technology.

The hardware is stylish, modern, durable and secure. It’s easy to install these smart locks in your apartment or office building.

Google Nest integration gives Nest x Yale Lock a competitive advantage over other smart locks. The benefit for tenants is that they can manage their door locks and other smart systems from the same app.

This lock is a great option for buildings with residents ready to adopt smart technology and use Nest products. In addition, this lock is a great choice for developers and owners who want to build smart apartments.

The Nest x Yale lock doesn’t work with other personal assistants than Google Assistant. Amazon and Microsoft account holders should look into other options.

Alternatives to the Nest x Yale smart lock

Customers who aren’t sold on the Yale smart lock may be interested in other smart locks.

A popular alternative is SALTOKS smart locks. SALTO locks are well-known for their integration with other proptech. You can, for example, integrate SALTO locks and door entry systems.

This creates a seamless access experience in your building. Schlage is another well-known lock manufacturer that offers many smart lock options.

Schlage smart locks are compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. This makes them more versatile and flexible than the Nest x Yale Lock. The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt is a good example.

Nest x Yale Lock Review, Set up, Pros & Cons [YouTube]

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