May 18, 2024

What You Should Consider When Planning Major Home Improvements

Your home is your castle, so you’ll probably spend time, effort, or money making it the place you deserve.

An older house, in particular, will need some repairs and renovations that upgrade and update it, bringing it into the 21st century.

If money and schedule are not an issue, you can remodel and renovate to your heart’s content; however, if you have a limited budget and scope, you should prioritize upgrades according to need.

5 Planning Tips for Major Home Improvements

#1. Defining Objectives

First, consider the goal of your planned home improvements. Are you hoping to sell the property in a few short years, or are you building the house of your dreams?

The answer will influence where you focus more of your attention and how. For example, a future sale might motivate you to go with finishes and materials to maximize your investment return.

In other words, you’ll go with renovations where you can recoup most of the cost in a sale. If you’re building your dream home and love cooking, you may invest a lot of money into a state-of-the-art kitchen with high-end appliances.

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#2. Hiring Professionals

While doing things yourself may save money, sometimes you have to hire credentialed pros. Major house remodels often require the securing of permits before work can start.

A reputable general contractor should be fully knowledgeable about ensuring the planned projects comply with permitting requirements.

Some upgrades, such as fresh coats of paint, can be easily accomplished as weekend DIY projects. Others, such as new plumbing and electrical service upgrades in Philadelphia, PA, should be left to the professionals.

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#3. Preparing a Schedule

Major house renovations may limit the use of parts of your home for an extended period.

If you’re redoing the kitchen from top to bottom, it may be weeks before you can use the kitchen to prepare a home-cooked meal.

These improvements will disrupt routines for everyone in your household, including pets. It would be best if you had a plan for handling your needs while parts of the house are out of service.

Contractors should be able to provide a schedule for the work to help you plan and prepare. Major home renovations can be quite taxing on your peace of mind and that of others in your home.

It is strongly recommended that you work with professionals to help you develop a realistic scope, budget, and schedule. Creating a plan that accounts for unforeseen issues will improve your chances of successful remodels.

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#4. Home Maintenance versus Home Improvements

Unfortunately, many home improvements are made due to a problem. The replacement of a leaky tub could be the initial step in the major bathroom remodelling process as the tub is going to be replaced, so why not remodel the entire bathroom?

Although that could be a valid reason to remodel, you should base your home improvement plans on something other than urgent needs. It’s better when you avoid problems with proper maintenance.

Check every aspect of your house at least every year. Examine the roof, electrical wiring, plumbing and so on. Once you become concerned about an issue, could you repair it?

Fixing the issue when you are aware will save you from higher costs later. Be aware that there are better ways to increase the value of your house than maintain it. Most of the time, repairs aren’t improvements; they are just necessities.

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#5. Hiring Pros Could save you time and money.

DIY projects can be costly, so you could be attracted to take on them to save cash. It could be a wise option for smaller tasks.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to make room for your home in their busy schedule. And you can boast that you did the job yourself.

However, the major home renovations should be left to the pros unless you’re a skilled craftsman. If you decide to redesign the kitchen and intend to tackle the task yourself, are you competent enough to tackle the electrical, plumbing and carpentry tasks yourself?

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Don’t forget that you’ll have to complete the work quickly because there will be no kitchen if it’s a “work in progress”, or eating three meals per day at restaurants can be costly.

Be aware that DIY jobs typically take longer. You’ll also be responsible for obtaining all the permits and approvals.

Finding people with the necessary expertise can reduce costs and save time. For instance, these experts will help you create a unique look with standard products, which could save you money. Achieving it correctly the first time will provide the value you’ve earned for many decades.

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To find reputable and reliable experts in home improvement:

  1. Ask your acquaintances, friends and your neighbours for suggestions.
  2. Always make sure you have at least three references and then check them thoroughly.
  3. Find an affiliate of your region of Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce.

The numbers are located in your phone book’s section for community services. Once you’ve identified the right home improvement experts, Ensure everyone agrees on the design, timeline, and budget, and then get all the details written down in a legally binding contract.

It is also advisable to verify professional licenses and certifications when required. Also, make sure the contractors you select are insured and secured. The city or town’s Building Department can provide that information. It’s vital that you ensure contractors have workers’ comp insurance.

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If workers get injured while working, the contractor isn’t liable for the contractor’s insurance if they’re covered. Ask for copies of insurance documents. Ensure you and your contractors have received any permits needed before the work can begin.

Make contact with your neighbourhood Planning and Zoning Commission for more information. Here’s a quick summary of the experts you might need to collaborate with during the renovation of the interior of your house:

Architecture Design

Architects create houses or extensions from the foundation to the roof. If your project requires structural changes, like building or removing walls or if the plan is intricate, you’ll likely require an architect.

As architects charge an hourly rate or a flat amount, they get an estimated cost total for the design. Drawing up blueprints for a major renovation project can take as long as 80 hours or more.

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A contractor manages any home improvements, including hiring and supervising employees, obtaining the permits needed, ensuring that inspections are conducted according to the requirements, and providing insurance to the workers.

It’s always good to solicit proposals from one or two credible contractors according to the project’s particulars.

It is important to ensure that each contractor bids using the same pricing plan to allow you to examine their bids more easily.

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If you’ve selected an individual contractor, ensure that the contract stipulates the amount you’ll pay in instalments. It is typical to pay one-third of the cost when you sign the contract so the contractor can purchase materials.

The amount and timeframe for making the other payments will be determined by the scope of the work. Make the final payment after completing, checking, and accepting the entire project.

Interior Designers are experts who can offer guidance on furniture and wall coverings, colours and styles, among others.

They can help you save time by narrowing down your choices and saving you money since they typically receive discounts for professional use through their vendors. When you meet interior designers, inform them of your preferences and style.

Expect to pay between $50-$150 per hour or bargain a flat rate of approximately 25 per cent of the total cost.

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