June 16, 2024

The Honda Car That Will ‘Fit’ in Every Budget

That’s what the Honda Fit is. A humble, practical, compact car where you can ‘fit’ in all your luggage, your pet dog, and your family and go on a vacation.

An actual value-for-money vehicle that ticks all the boxes right. Who is the car that can help you with all your daily ordeals and be your reliable companion? What attributes to its capabilities? Let’s dig in.

Firstly, the base spec Honda Fit comes at a bargain price of $15190 while the top of the line trim level is priced at $23990, which means pretty much all the fit variants come to light on the pocket.

Next, the Fit offers an impressive fuel economy of 33 MPG in the city. While on the highway, it can go for 40 miles on a single gallon of fuel which again means that the running costs of the Fit aren’t high either.

Now, we generally tend to assume that practical, pocket-friendly cars are boring and look moronic, but that’s not the case with the Fit. The Fit looks intelligent and youthful.

Not an eyeball grabber, though but still a beauty. You can ‘Fit’ in 5 people comfortably in your Fit, which again helps the Fit score high on practicality.

But the question is, how well does the Fit drive? How good is the machine that’s under the hood?

Well, from the Honda Fit review, it is known that Fit uses a 1.5 liter, four-pot gasoline-fed engine that makes about 129 horsepower which is honestly not much but still good enough for a car of this size and in this category.

You can have the engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission. Power is sent to the front wheels only.

The machine isn’t sporty, but at the same time, you can’t call it to be sluggish. Selecting the proper transmission is the key here.

For a more sporty driving experience, we would instead suggest you go for the manual box. The CVT is kind of slow to react, and the rubber band is pretty evident, although the CVT can come in handy if you drive in the city regularly and if you don’t want to be tired of shifting gears.

Let’s talk about the handling now. The car feels nimble and composed, and agile. It doesn’t seem to wobble at high speeds like more cars in the category tend to do.

Suspensions are set a little bit on the firmer side, but that does help offer better stability to the vehicle. The steering wheel feels light and responsive and provides a good amount of feedback.

Let’s hop on to the inside now. Now, the interiors of Fit are so good that it outshines most of its rivals. The seats are spacious and offer a decent amount of head, shoulder, and legroom to passengers at the front and the rear.

The rear seats can be split-fold in multiple ways, which lets the Honda score high on utility. Seats come wrapped in cloth as standard, while you do get a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

As you climb up the trim levels, you also get leather upholstery and heated front seats. The quality of materials on the inside is pretty decent, if not the best, but the stories fit and finish are excellent typical Honda. Everything is ideally in place, and nothing rattles and shakes.

The basic interior features offered on the Fit include a multi-view rearview camera, a 5-inch display, a USB port, and Bluetooth.

As you start climbing up the trim levels, you are showered with features like a 7-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Pandora Compatibility, HondaLink, and a six-speaker music system.

Some features do not come as standard but are offered as options, and they include a moonroof, a navigation system, satellite radio, HD radio, push-button start, forward collision, and lane departure warning, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, Honda LaneWatch, collision mitigation braking system and a proximity key with walk-away auto-lock. All these things make Fit a feature-packed car.

The Honda Fit is a great package. It is cheap. It is efficient. It’s got a decent amount of power. It is spacious and roomy and also offers a decent amount of luggage storage space.

The features loaded on the inside are also great. It looks smart and is also fun to drive. With all that being said, the Honda Fit is an excellent value-for-money car.

This car can be a great companion for city travel and go with you on long distances. It can carry bags and people and luggage. All in all, the Honda Fit is a great all-rounder.

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