June 13, 2024

Different Types of Wiper Blades

For optimal operation, your wiper blades need to get replaced once a year. Who should replace them more frequently in the event of evidence of wear?

The sun, the cold and the road spray all combine to harm and harden the blades of rubber. They also wear out metal wiper components.

When replacing your wipers, it is essential to have the correct size. But, do you know that there are a variety of alternatives to choose from in selecting your new blades for your wipers?

It might not be obvious, but wiper blades are essential components responsible for safety. With faulty parts or without them, driving a vehicle is dangerous. Their primary function is to clean the windscreen to enable the driver to see the road.

What are the types of wiper blades?

There is an excellent variety of these components on the market nowadays. Let’s have a look at the significant types.

By the type of attachment:

  • Hook
  • Slim-top
  • Pinch-tab
  • Top-lock
  • Slide lock
  • Bayonet

Some wiper blades have only one possible way of attachment. Others, multi-fit, are supplied with several fitments.

By design:


These components have a frame-like metal structure and metal-backed rubber squeegees. They are the most common ones due to their availability and affordable price.

However, this type is subjected to corrosion. It isn’t the best option for winter either, as the metal frame accumulates snow and ice, and the wipers lose their tight fit.

Nevertheless, some have a rubber cover over the frame, preventing snow and ice from clogging the wipers.


Components of this type do not have a metal framework. Instead, they incorporate a tensioned metal strip inside a thick rubber blade.

As these parts have fewer elements, they have better aerodynamic characteristics and produce less noise. They are also corrosion-resistant. However, they are more expensive than conventional components.


This kind of wiper blade is a combination of the previous two. Their key advantages are high performance and good aerodynamic characteristics.

They comprise a metal framework with several pressure points and an aerodynamic spoiler for the even pressure distribution. In addition, the structure has a shell to protect the wiper blades from corrosion.

There are other kinds of wiper blades (components for commercial vehicles or rear ones). They also differ in size and materials used in the edges (e.g., untreated, halogen-hardened or double rubber).

When is it time to replace wiper blades?

The most common symptoms of lousy wiper blades are:

  • Split, cracked, ragged rubber lips;
  • Streaks or patches of dirt and grime on the windscreen;
  • Squeaking sounds, etc.

You should also remember that you should change the blades between the seasons for better cleaning results.

Are you considering changing your wiper blades? We are happy to help you!

Our online shop is glad to offer you an immense variety of these components different in style and size from the trusted manufacturers like Bosch, SWF, Valeo, Michelin, TRICO and others.

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