April 13, 2024

How To Remove Bad Reviews From Online Platforms in 2018

To succeed in business today, you just need to control of your company’s online reputation, where the numbers of small or large business are here in front of you to make the better response with the clients and make better position in online business than you. But you don’t worry at all, there is no reason to panic, if your company has some negative review or feedbacks, you can do your best to quickly take the edge of any damage caused by unflattering reviews and take steps to remove negative impact on your online business.

How can you remove the negative impact of these bad reviews? Can they remove? We are here to solve your problem with a special guide for you, to keep your reviews positive from online world in 2018.

What impacts is done about negative reviews on your Online Business

Bad reviews directly affect your business and its causes, you away from the customers. According to Review Tracker Survey, there is 94 percent of customer that an online review persuaded them to avoid a particular business. The figure is really worried because a company’s online reputation is one of the main habits that people learn about it.

Only 93 percent of customers checked online reviews when deciding whether or not to do business with a local firm, as reported in 2017.

A research unveiled from Bright Local that 85 percent of people value reviewer’s opinions about as much as they would a friend or family member’s recommendations. However, 40 percent of people would avoid a business because of a negative impact on their online business.

Bad reviews definitely can hurt your company’s SEO, there is no doubt about it. A report conducted by Moz in their recent survey, online reviews accounted up to 10 percent of local search engines ranking decisions. Therefore a number of bad reviews can cause your company’s website to show further down in the Google search results.

How Can I Deal With Bad Reviews?

Before you start to address the negative reviews, you just need to identify your which ones are problematic. Find out are those and then you can do a number of Google Searches for your company’s name and see what negative contents are out there.

When you decided which reviews to tackle first, you’ll need to consider how high they rank in your indexed lists. The higher on the page they appear, the more likely it is that a potential client will read them.

Read your all reviews clearly, searching for common complaints that you need to address, you’ve already fixed.

Once you’ve identified which bad reviews to target, you can decide how they manage them. In fact you’ve several options, you can resolve all the bugs to fix your business and avoid getting more bad reviews again, you can respond to them in hopes of resolving the viewer’s complaint and getting them to adjust their review, or you can publish many of positive reviews that you essentially drown out the negative voices.

There are some stages here to get the best results to recover your bad reviews.

Polish your Business

The first thing you can see that what you can do to address all those common complaints. While you should only give so much weight to rude and abusive reviews, if the same problem keeps coming up, it’s likely affecting far more customers than just those willing to a complaint on the internet. Tackle each and every issue and resolve them before you do whatever else; listing to your critics and acting as needs be is your most effective tool for preventing bad reviews on the internet.

Erase Negative Reviews

A very simple solution is here for you, just ask the website to delete the review. Unfortunately,

Deleting the bad reviews is never this easy. The problem is that, According to section 230 of Communications Decency Act, websites aren’t legally responsible for what their user’s posts.

You should never appoint anybody who guarantees to remove content from review sites for you. Companies that promise to do this are most likely trying to scam you. Several people find that after they pay for bad reviews to vanish, the content keeps coming back, which means they end up having to more than once pay to keep it under control.

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Business

Google is one of the most important and favorite sources for all the customer’s integration given its widespread use. The following steps will discuss here, how to remove bad reviews from Google Business.

Step 1: First you ensure that your review is genuine, should your review be false or inappropriate, and you can easily flag it for abuse and removal by the Google Administration Team.

Step 2: Always contact your local reviewer directly

Step 3: Your engagement with a negative or bad review is public. You must have to be serious about your customer satisfaction. This way, whether the reviewer changes their feedback or not, you’ve addressed it in a positive way for your future reviewers to see.

How Do I Keep Negative Reviews From Affecting My Business Again?

Don’t forget your company’s reputation at all, whether you addressed the bad reviews. You’ll need to continually track and monitoring your search results to stay at the on the top of any negative content.


Well, you know how to remove your bad reviews, which can clearly affect your online business reputation. We gave you the actual insight into your business customers’ satisfaction is essential in 2018.

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