June 13, 2024

How Your Company Should Embrace Timely Events

The timing of your marketing can increase engagement and conversions on your website. Tying in your marketing to current events allows you to reach new users you otherwise might not have reached via social media and through searches for those events. It shows that you are up on the latest trends as well.

While you want your blog content to be timely, though, you also should make it evergreen. You don’t want to spend all your time on trending hashtags only to discover that no one looks at your social media posts again the day after the hashtag peaks.

Make sure you have enough types of content to keep engaging with users on your website and social media. There are a number of ways your company should embrace timely events into your marketing schedule:

company event planning

1. Seasonal Branding

Each season has its own positives and negatives, and tapping into the changes for your target audience might be the key to reaching new customers.

For example, if you offer heating and cooling equipment for homeowners in New York and a blizzard hits your state, then this is the perfect time to share tips to stay warm when the power goes out.

The key to embracing events isn’t always to outright sell your product or service. Sometimes it is to educate the public, to let them know you care about the event as well or even to offer a special deal that impacts your customers directly.

2. Filling a Need

Have you ever noticed that every December 31 ads begin to appear for gym memberships and weight loss programs? Or, that in the dead of winter you will see ads for tropical getaways and warm locals?

This is because the advertisers see a need for these services and they present it when the timing is perfect.

If a gym tried to run a special on memberships in May, when the outdoor weather is mild and pleasant, and people walk and run outside more than inside on a treadmill, then it wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

They choose to throw their advertising dollars out there when it is most likely to get big results.

3. Embrace Sporting Events

Each season has a different sport. You likely think about basketball or baseball in the spring and American football in the fall, for example.

College basketball’s “March Madness” is one good example of a timely event you can create marketing around. Of course, you’ll also want to match the marketing to the target audience that goes to that type of event.

Sporting events often feature large banners with bold colors, so whether you’re promoting an actual sporting event or simply tying into the sport, a large, bold banner is a great place to start to promote a timely event or even a specific team or player.

4. Your Own Business Cycle

There are seasonal cycles and events for every business type. Your customers come to expect these events over time. For example, mattresses often go on sale in May as the industry introduces new products in June, so they often look to clear out old inventory before the new products arrive.

What is your own business cycle and how can you plan timely events around it? For some business types, this will be obvious. A store that sells Christmas ornaments will run specials after Thanksgiving.

However, other types of businesses may not be as readily obvious. This is where you look to company tradition, study sales reports and find trends to tie into.

5. Current Events

Be aware of current events and what topics trend on social media at any given time. For example, if there is a tragedy, how can you help local residents?

Obviously, your goal isn’t just to benefit from a tragedy. You want to support your local community. However, it does spread goodwill toward your company and may result in additional business later down the line. While that isn’t the reason for the charity work, it is an unintended benefit of it.

Picking a topic relevant to your specific business is also a smart move. If Groundhog Day is trending and you have a free weather app download, go ahead and tie into the trend. If it isn’t relevant, don’t use that hashtag, though, as online users will see right through obvious self-promotion.

6. Overall Timing Matters

There is a best time for everything related to your company. There is a time when people will likely open emails. There is a best time to post on social media. There is a prime time to promote a contest for your business.

Study the internal research for your company, factor in overall statistics on your target audience and when they are most likely to be online and make some firm decisions on when to market which event.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to try different combinations when you send out various campaigns or offer specials. Trends change over time and what works one year might not work the next. Track results, make changes as necessary and your business will continue to grow toward more and more success.

Your Company Should Embrace Timely Events

Promoting your company along with a season or event does allow you to reach people you otherwise might not have reached. That person who is looking for a new hosting company might stumble across your service because you tied a promotion into their favorite sporting event.

Or, one of your current customer’s friends might need a new furnace in the middle of winter and see your post about what to do if you’re on a budget and your furnace goes out. Embracing timely events allows you to reach multiple audiences across multiple topics and stretches your overall reach and chances for success.

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