June 13, 2024

Here’s How You Can Find The Right Estate Planning Solicitor

Finding a solicitor who can help you come up with the right estate plan might prove to be a bit difficult. But, with a little help, you will be able to select the right one for you and your estates needs.

Below we have mentioned some tips that will help you select the right estate planning solicitor, so read along to find out more…

Get a referral from your financial advisor

Your financial advisor will have a lot of contacts in the industry and will prove to be a source of high value when you are looking for good estate planning solicitors in your locality.

A lot of financial advisors look at estate planning as one of the most crucial parts of financial goals for their clients.

Therefore, financial advisors have an idea of one or more estate planning attorneys they can refer their clients to depending on their individual needs.

So, if you both haven’t discussed estate planning yet, bring this topic to the table next time you meet your advisor.

Also, if you want the best solicitor to look after your estate, ask your advisor who did he or she get their personal estate plan made from and you will get the answer you want.

Consult your accountant

A lot of estate lawyers go and meet up with accountants to get help on income tax issues, trust and estate. Therefore, your chances of knowing a good lawyer increases as your accountant may already know the best lawyer in the market.

Vice versa, accountants are also on the lookout for estate lawyers for their clients as they have an idea about their client’s financial situation and their need for an estate plan.

So, meet up with your accountant, explain your situation and get to know whether they know a lawyer who is right for you.

Ask other solicitors

You may have previously worked with other solicitors for buying a property, launching your business, reviewing a contract and more.

So, ask these individuals whether they know any qualified estate planning solicitors that they can refer you to.

Your solicitor will be more than happy to refer someone from a different area of expertise as they don’t have any competition with them and this works the other way around too.

Check advertisements

A lot of estate solicitors advertise via different media which includes newspapers, magazines, radio or TV.

These advertisements go through regulation, so only genuine advertisements that pass through the bar association are allowed.

This ensures that the lawyer you are meeting up with doesn’t make fake promises and false claims.

Pay a visit to the local court

If you live in a big city this tip might not prove to be helpful for you, but in small cities, the court clerks can provide you with suggestions for good estate planning solicitors.

They will also tell you which ones are the most experienced in their work, how their behaviour is and also share tidbits about their work style.

Practicing in small cities enables lawyers to build a strong relationship with judges and court clerks. Therefore, you are sure you are in good hands when you are meeting up with a suggestion given by court clerks.

Get help from social media

In this digital era, it will not be difficult to find a solicitor who’s right for you. There are lawyers who advertise themselves on social media too, so you know, you are just a click away from getting in touch with a good lawyer to go ahead with your estate planning.

Just make sure you are meeting the right ones by checking their reviews and ratings. The tips shared above help you get a basic idea and doesn’t even start on the big amount of information you may get about estate solicitors, including the ones online.

Also, you can get a pretty good idea on estate planning and how to make a Will at home online. A lot of information could be provided on this topic, but it can be confusing for someone who has a little or no idea about the subject matter.

Therefore, sometimes it is better to stick to traditional and simple ways. For More Latest Finance Updates, and Information about Estate Planning Solicitors, Visit Solobis NEWS Magazine.

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