Marketing Talks: 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes Anyone Should Avoid

An email is still a common tool of communication. If you avoid few Email Marketing Mistakes. Research has shown that checking our email inboxes remains one of the most popular online activities.

Email is still one of the most used tools for a personal conversation on the internet. With social media gaining popularity, everyone watches, reads, and talks about it.

The importance of email in delivering a personal message is magnified. Even with the rise of social media, email’s reach and power were unquestionable.

Email marketing is an important tool in the marketing mix of small and medium-sized businesses. It is effective, cost-effective, targeted, personalized, measurable, and great for attracting and keeping customers.

The email was rated second after search engine optimization in 2008 Email Census as the best channel for return on investment.

Emails should help establish trust, build expertise, and increase repeat and new business. Emails that are successful combine valuable content with short sales or marketing messages.

These messages should include links to specific pages on your website. Customers will be more likely to purchase from you if they are in regular contact.

5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing can prove to be a waste of time and damage relationships, which could reduce the use of this channel.

After each year, email marketing extends to prove its worth with a solid continued return on investment. But like other forms of marketing, email needs to be done precisely to see a positive impact.

If your emails have resulted in a dull performance, it’s because you’re probably making some of the common mistakes in email marketing.

Not sure how to avoid them?

Here’s a list of typical email marketing blunders that many people unconsciously do. Once you are aware of these mistakes, you’ll have a higher chance of avoiding them.

#1. Lacking Email Segmentation

Sending emails with the same content to several contacts is a common email marketing mistake anyone can make, and it’s indeed prevalent. You have to make sure that your content is as direct as possible.

Segmentation is essential when talking about email marketing since it lets you organize smaller, more concentrated groups to engage more effectively.

Moreover, fix your information based on a segment’s engagement history, purchase patterns, demographics, preferences, or other unifying features.

#2. Using Complex Language

Email marketing is not a way to show people how efficiently you can write. Dozens of emails per day may flood their inboxes, and the truth is, most people don’t have spare time or even an interest to read them at all.

Your reader loves something simple and direct to the point. Thus, keep your emails more conversational and ensure that you will tell them why they should continue reading.

More so, keep your paragraphs concise so your audience can scan them easily. Plus, save those technical words for drafts, how-to manuals, or white papers.

#3. Sending Emails Too Frequently

Some companies are making the mistake of emailing subscribers too often. Spamming emails is a guaranteed way to turn your audience off and ruin the future chances of engaging them with your promotional offers and best content.

That’s why it’s essential to learn how to send mass emails but not through the means of spamming. Once subscribers choose to tune you out, it’s challenging to win their attention back.

Further, respect your target market’s time and ensure that you’re only sending a variety of content and offers in a way that isn’t disruptive or frustrating to their regular inbox experience.

#4. Not Personalizing The Emails

Another common mistake is merely sending an email starting with “hello” or “hey.” This method often leads to emails thrown in the trash.

Not to mention, customers prefer to buy from those people who they know, trust, and like.

Hence, if you have information available about the people you’re emailing, then the easiest and fastest way to show that you’re interested in them is to address them using their first name.

You can also include your personal information in your emails so you can connect with your reader.

#5. Ignoring the Testing Phase

Sending without testing is one of the most critical email marketing mistakes anyone should avoid.

Not only it can make your email content better, but it will also ensure that your message is comprehensive and offers relevant content to your audience.

Moreover, developing marketing emails aren’t just like typing something up in Microsoft Word.

Every email client such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo executes your email differently, so it’s necessary to test and assure that your message is conveyed consistently whenever your contacts open them.


Email marketing is a compelling way to reach your audience and deliver marketing success.

However, to have a successful email marketing practice like Ashe Morgan and other profitable sites, make sure to avoid making those mistakes above that most people often make.

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