June 13, 2024

5 Benefits of Doing Yoga with Dog

We all know that yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for the mind and body and Doing Yoga with Dog is awesome feeling specially on weekends. But at some point, it might get boring and monotonous. Does this mean we have to stop practising it all together?

If we do that, we could miss out on lots of benefit that come with practising yoga with dog. One solution is to make it fun and interesting by considering making your four legged buddy your yoga partner.

As it is said that a dog is truly man’s best friend… so why not make them your yoga companion too? And as a dog owner you don’t have to feel guilty of leaving your canine friend home alone.

Benefits of Doing Yoga with Dog

yoga with dogs

The combination of doing “Yoga with Dog” is called ‘Doga’, which is basically a yoga class where dogs are included. It can actually be more fun with your dogs instead of doing it all by yourself.

It is the perfect way to get some exercise done for both you and your pooch. Here are some major benefits of Doing Yoga with Dogs.

#1. Bonding With Your Dogs

Doga is an incredible way of strengthening your bond with your dog, particularly when you do assisted poses in which you and your canine can work together as partners.

This not only gains you your dog’s trust but it can also help you to strengthen your relationship with it.

Doga helps to keep you and your dog more relaxed and focused which ultimately will have a positive effect on training efforts.  Over time it will help you to build a much deeper bond with your furry buddy.

#2. Physical Health Benefits

As obesity can cause a host of health problems for people and dogs as well, Doga can be a great way to get much-needed exercise in order to keep yourself and your dog in shape.

It can help them to build muscle and lose fat, if practiced regularly and in the same way it will help you exercise your muscles as well.

Just as humans, dogs can also greatly benefit from stretching, which can help them to improve their flexibility and range of motion in joints.

Exercising regularly can prevent dogs from any joint diseases and ACL injuries when it becomes older.

#3. Relaxation

Relaxation and breathing exercises are the foundation of Doga. Good breathing habit alone can benefit you and your dog’s wellbeing both physically and psychologically.

Doga can work wonders for hyperactive dogs in order keep them calm and mellow them down. Stretching and massage can make your dog mentally calmer and exercising regularly can help them release tension from their bodies.

Both dogs and people can benefit from Doga in relieving stress.

#4. Entertainment

Yoga is a fun activity and considering including your dogs can be the best in making it even more enjoyable! Everything can be more pleasant when your Fido joins you.

As a responsible owner, it’s important to keep your dog entertained. Leaving your canine buddy home alone can have negative impact on their behaviour and quality of life.

Even though sometimes your dogs can be distracting it’s only because they are left alone and are not included in the fun.

This is what Doga actually does by presenting a fantastic way in which you and your canine get to work together as partners. Doga is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your furry friend and to fall in love with it all over again.

#5. Socialisation

In a Doga classes, there are others dogs involved which is reason enough to get your furry buddy with you.  Public places and dog parks are always crowded, and this often leads to aggression and stress.

This is the reason why people prefer to join Doga classes, in order to get some exercise with their buddy along with making new friends and interacting with them.

For a pup, being surrounded with other dogs as well as people is the best way to get it used to meeting new people.

These reasons are enough to convince you to get on the Doga bandwagon. It is recommended that you pay special attention to your canine’s grooming needs as you’ll be working very closely with it.

Get dog clippers, shampoo, a brush and other grooming accessories to keep your dog prepared for a good Yoga with Dog session.

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