May 18, 2024

Why Pets Are an Important Part of Your Life

What are pets to you? Are they just an additional responsibility? A cure for loneliness? A furry little addition to your family? Or all of the above?

Animal lovers the world over swear by the benefits of having pets. Nature lovers like the late Steve Irwin or others you can catch on The Discovery Channel on your local Optimum Cable can be a bit extreme.

While the brave belief in less orthodox pets like snakes or alligators, most of us are happy with a dog, cat, or even a fish.

Why Pets Are an Important Part of Your Life

There’s no denying that a pet, no matter what it looks like, is deserving of love and care. Read on to know why pets are essential to your life.

Pets as a Part of Human Life

#1. Companionship

The primary reason most people get pets is companionship. It’s hard to be around people constantly, but it’s sometimes harder to be alone. Pets make the perfect compromise in this situation.

Not only are you insulated from inane human interactions, but you also are never isolated. Having a pet gives you the warm feeling of a loving entity sensitive to your moods and attention.

Famous historical figures from Edgar Alan Poe to Ernest Hemmingway have been known to have pets as constant companions.

So if you find yourself caught between your desire for company and aversion to people, get yourself a pet.

#2. Responsibility

Pets are an effective way to instill a sense of responsibility in your life. This particularly holds for children and young adults. Having pets at a young age encourages people to be proactive in looking after them.

Pets don’t just teach love but also the importance of care. Kids who have chores like walking, feeding, and bathing their pets tend to carry this sense of responsibility into their later years.

Young adults with trouble adjusting to independence find having someone dependent on them to be a catalyst. It’s a great way to add discipline and routine to daily life.

#3. Love

This is a bit similar to companionship but slightly different. People and pets have a human connection to each other. Pets often react visibly to the owner being angry, afraid, or upset.

Grown dogs have been known to act like pups to cheer up a sad owner. Cats have been known to share their prey with their owners as a sign of love, which is disgusting but touching. Other than parents, pets are the closest to the unconditional love that a person can get.

#4. Exercise and Socializing

One great thing about pets, especially dogs, is the amount of exercise they give you. Walking and running with pets are advantageous to both of you.

Going outdoors also leads you into contact with other people and their pets. This is a great way to meet new people and get your pet to be more social.

#5. Dealing with Stress

Extensive medical studies have indicated that people with pets, especially canines, have a measurable reduction in stress levels in their owners. The American Heart Association has evidenced this.

People with blood pressure problems have been evidenced to keep their blood pressure regular under stress if they have pets compared to people who don’t.

#6. Pain Relief

According to renowned veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker, studies show that pets can reduce pain levels in their owners.

Another study showed that people with pets required almost 50% less pain medication than people without pets. So if you’re suffering from chronic pain, maybe it’s time to get a furry little friend.

#7. Fighting Depression

Depression can become a seriously incapacitating condition if not treated properly. It is no surprise that many therapists recommend pets for people fighting depression.

The responsibility of an animal dependent on its owner for survival often motivates patients to operate outside of their disease.

It helps with constant emotional turmoil and the ability to perform everyday tasks that would otherwise be difficult. It’s time to get a pet and keep away the blues if you have been battling depression for some time.

Pets are not just an add-on in your life. They are a significant responsibility. Those who do not feel up to it should not get a pet. It’s a bad idea to make a half-baked attempt at having a pet.

It’s not as simple as ordering your Spectrum Packages online. You should be entirely involved in your pet’s life and apply them to yours.

Remember, pets cannot voice their love for you and will probably die before you do. It’s up to you to be deserving of their passion while you have them.

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