May 18, 2024

Dog Recall: How To Teach a Dog Recall

Can you imagine your dog chasing a rabbit and then all of a sudden stopping midway just to come back to you to answer your call? Trust us, and this isn’t some dream or fantasy.

It can certainly happen with you in real life, provided you properly train your pup. Though it’s not as easy as it might seem, you can still improve your pup’s recall by continually working on it.

Just like us, humans dogs too like something interesting in their surroundings that can keep them engaged for a while.

So, why not doing something that always turns their attention back to you, like giving away treats and praises?

5 Ways To Teach a Dog Recall

If you get successful in achieving this, then the day is not far away when your four-legged buddy would prefer your call over anything else.

Well, I help you improve your dog’s recall quickly. In this article, we have compiled a list of tips for you.

#1. Don’t be ‘that’ person.

You must have seen many dog owners yelling at their pets, or rather you might have been one of them because your puppy is not responding to your calls the way you want them to.

Well, it’s natural to get frustrated when someone does not listen to you, but have you ever thought about it from your dog’s perspective? Your angry mood or rude command will never help you improve their recall.

So, instead of being that angry owner, try some methods that entice them. The more you love your puppy, the more you will get in return. And eventually, you will notice them obeying your every call.

#2. Use one command at a time.

The success of your dog’s recall highly depends on how consistent you are. If you think that your training is enough to make them listen to you, you are mistaken.

You have to be consistent with your teaching until your training starts to reflect on their actions. Also, try not to confuse your buddy by giving them more than one command at a time.

Make sure you are giving them only one command like ‘come here’ and sticking with these words each time whenever you’re calling them.

Also, ensure there is a positiveness and love in your voice while commanding, not anger and threat – after all, dogs too like to be called sweetly.

#3. If the command is unreliable, switch it.

If the command you are giving is already associated with a bad experience, then your pup might feel afraid to follow it.

For example, when you used a particular command so many times while grooming your puppy and unfortunately it got hurt at the same time, then they might associate this command with negative consequences.

If such is the case, replace the command with a new set of words. For example, you can say ‘Over here’ instead of ‘Come here.’

This way, your puppy will follow the call assuming it is a new one. The next time you groom your pup, that apart makes use of a quality  pet clipper  that goes smoothly on its skin.

#4. Start with baby steps.

You will not get a good recall from your dog overnight, and who must achieve it by taking one step at a time. For example, you can start teaching them short distances, and once it starts responding correctly, you can increase the distance.

And if you realize that they are not obeying once the distance has increased, go back to the previous step and practice it until he/she is ready to go ahead.

#5. Reward them when they obey you

If you want to make your recall training for your puppy enthusiastic, then make sure you are rewarding them whenever they obey your command.

It will undoubtedly help them know that they have done precisely what they were expected to do. Reward them with a quick game or small treat or increase their playtime.

To make their training all the more interesting, you can try the game, puppy in the middle, which means your pup will be drifting back and forth in between you and your partner.

Once you follow these tips regularly, you will realize that your pup has already started responding to you.

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