May 25, 2024

5 Social Networking Sites For Every Pet Lover

As once said by a Wiseman “Pets are a bundle of joy wrapped in fur” and there’s certainly no doubt about it! They not only have immense love and happiness to offer, but also teach us kindness, gentleness, responsibility and sympathy for other animals.

Apart from the charm of these adorable pets, their ability to give back to humans is the sole reason why the internet is flooded with so many social networking websites, offering ample of information and several funny videos on them. Speaking of pets, only if you own one will you be able to better understand the precious friendship one shares with their four-legged friend!

Now that the trend of ‘petworking sites’ is all the rage on the internet, it has become easier for one to connect with their fellow pet owner and lover. If you wish to connect with others, are looking for a house for a pet or simply want to advocate for them then look no further! In this article, we’ve mentioned 5 social networking sites that’ll help you to know more about your lovable and cute furry friends.

The one and only purpose of this site is to find a loving, forever home for shelter pets and get them adopted by a pet lover. For this, both users and animal care organisations can make an online profile of shelter pets on the site along with uploading their photos, videos and other necessary description. Incepted in 2003, the site is doing a really good job, as it has hosted over 10,000 pet profiles and successfully moved 85% pets to a home or animal rescue place. You can visit their website at

Cuteness INC
Most of the online websites that you’ll come across for animals is for furry pets, but this is where this social site stands out from the crowd! Unlike other sites, here you can create a profile similar to the Facebook one for your birds, fishes, reptiles, dogs, cats and other pet animals. The purpose of this site is to help you meet other pet owners on a platform named – Pet Park, where you can ask and answer questions about your domestic animal to gain more information. To visit their website, enter in the URL section.

Doggybnb is a free iPhone app for pet lovers where they can invite friends from their contact list or social networking sites and create a network for supporting their pet friend. People can also gain information about their furry friend from trusted people who are linked/live on the app. Moreover, people who’ve been looking for a dog sitter or want to be one can easily find their destination here. You can visit their online portal at

One of the most popular social networking sites for dogs, Dogster is a successful medium for getting a place for shelter canines. Specially made for dogs, this site is the right place for mongrels to shine out. One can easily get advice as well as look for furry friend for adoption by browsing their adoption section.

The site also has a sister website named as Catster. As the name suggests, the site is only for cats and has the same layout as the other website. On this portal, you can get advice or adopt a cat by registering yourself. To visit the website Dogster, enter in the URL and to visit the Catster website, enter in the URL.

Tag a cat
For those who love and prefer meow in comparison to a bark, this Instagram site is just the right place for you. As the name suggests, the site allows you to browse a cat, upload its photos, tag your friends and comment on pictures to express your love and attraction for them. It is available for free for both iPhone and Android users.

You can simply visit their portal by entering in the address bar.

Apart from these websites, there are more online platforms like MyDogSpace, MyCatSpace, Petbrags, UnitedDogs etc. where you can easily connect with cute and adorable furry friend, and even add them in your favourite list.

Also, are you looking for various grooming tips, like how to bathe your pet, how to make use of pet clippers without harming them, how much food they must be fed on a daily basis, which exercise your pet should do regularly to stay fit, etc.? Then let us tell you, there are several sites and blogs that offer information regarding the same. Check them out now!

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