May 25, 2024

Facts About Using CBD Oil To Treat Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend. Over half of the American population has at least one dog as a pet. They are easy to care for with daily feeding, watering and exercise.

Most of these companions are okay being home alone for six to eight hours a day, which means even people who commute to work can have one.

However, about 10% of these pups are not okay when left alone. They have a condition called separation anxiety.

CBD Oil To Treat Separation Anxiety in Dogs

What Is Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

Canines endure mental health problems just like humans do. Separation anxiety is a condition where they feel nervous or afraid apart from their owners.

Usually, it’s the time when their owners go to work or school. It is most common in abandoned dogs or those adopted from a shelter.

Sometimes it is also caused when a family member the pet’s close to moves out or when the entire family relocates to a new home.

Knowing that these situations may affect a dog’s emotional well-being allows owners to prepare for treatment ahead of time.

What Are the Symptoms of Separation Anxiety?

Dogs experience anxiety in many different ways. Sometimes it causes them to get destructive when left alone. Owners may find their dog has chewed-up pillows, blankets, shoes or furniture around the home. Some of them panic and bite or scratch doors and window frames.

Not only is this behavior costly, but it also causes damage to their teeth. These pets also have an overactive bladder, causing urine damage to flooring and furniture.

Some behaviors are less destructive but no less concerning. Dogs may pace the home for hours.

They may also experience shaking and panting or express their nervousness by whining, barking and howling. No matter the symptom, this ordeal is unpleasant for pups and their owners.

What Is CBD Oil for Dogs?

One way to treat anxiety is with CBD oil. This is an all-natural supplement given to help ease their fears. CBD oil for dogs is an extract made from the hemp plant.

The oil comes from the leaves of mature plants and is marketed in many different forms. It is the same oil sold for human consumption but in less potent concentrations flavored for a dog’s liking.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

Cannabidiol interacts with a dog’s endocannabinoid system, which is part of the nervous, digestive, and immune systems. The nervous system regulates the chemicals that generate the feeling of anxiety.

Serotonin is one chemical the body makes to counteract feelings of anxiety. CBD works by attaching to the serotonin receptors in the brain, which activates this chemical’s production.

This increase in serotonin in their bodies allows them to feel calmer and happier throughout the day. A relaxed dog is much less likely to display behaviors of separation anxiety.

A bonus is that CBD oil is also great for decreasing pain and inflammation, increasing appetite, and improving skin conditions. So even if separation anxiety passes, the benefits of this supplement continue to improve the life of a man’s best friend.

What Dosage of CBD Oil Is Best for Dogs?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. CBD oil has different dosage recommendations based on the pet’s weight. Smaller puppies may need even less than the smallest dose.

It is safe to start at a lower level and increase gradually until reaching the recommended dosage. Each CBD product may have a different concentration level, so the suggested dosage amount varies.

When and How Is CBD Oil Given to Dogs?

CBD Oil is safe to give at any time of day. It is most effective in the dog’s system about 45 minutes after ingestion. Therefore, a dose given an hour before their owners’ departure keeps them calm from the beginning of the separation.

The easiest way to give the oil is by mixing it with food or special treats. Some do best when given the drops right from the dropper.

Separation anxiety is a genuine problem for some dogs. Fortunately, CBD oil is a supplement proven to help ease the side effects of this mental condition. With this oil, these pups can live a happy and relaxed life.

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